Dromatics ™

Unmanned Risk Management is focused on delivering flexibility and personalization in all of our insurance product offerings – when and how customers want it.  This approach requires simplified, transparent and flexible products with dynamic pricing and payment capabilities.

Dromatics™ telematics based pay per use (PPU) system allows us to tailor insurance to customers specific needs and usage patterns. Telematics based PPU is a dynamic solution that provides Unmanned Aerial, Unmanned Ground, Unmanned Surface and Unmanned Sub-surface vehicle operators with the flexibility that their customers demand, the ability to accurately track and control costs and provides an unprecedented ability to scale their operations.

Drosense™ technology will allow operators to bring their own vehicle or flight management sensor system to to the platform. Virtually any cloud based vehicle or flight management sensor package can be integrated into the Dromatics™ telematics platform. Even proprietary sensors can be unlocked and integrated into the Dromatics™ telematics platform.

Drosecure™ guarantees the operator that their data is secure and is not shared with any third party. From the operator direct to the underwriter with no stops in between.

Other usage based insurance systems rely upon data collection through a proprietary non-agnostic primary service provider that sends the data to a third party collaborator who forwards the data to an insurance broker who forwards the data, again, to an insurance provider.  What happens in the middle, is anyone’s guess.

Dromatics ™ telematics based platform is completely agnostic relative to vehicle manufacturer, vehicle type, dispatch or flight controller, eco-system and operational management system. 

Dromatics ™ not only allows for telematics based pay per use but it also provides:

  • Completely Agnostic Relative To System
  • Open To Access From Other Systems
  • Portable From Vehicle To Vehicle Within A Fleet
  • Portable From Operator To Operator Within A Company
  • No Hardware Cost
  • No Hardware Installation
  • No Monthly Subscription Cost
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Customer Access To Data

Dromatics ™ Insurance Functions Include:

  • 24/7 App Based Insurance Certificate Issuance
  • 24/7 Equipment Additions And Deletions
  • Instant Liability Limit Changes
  • Instant Claims Response

Dromatics ™ can also provide a multitude of safety and operational functions including:

  • Real time geo-fencing and notification
  • Real time TFR and no drive/fly zone identification and notification
  • Job mapping, recording and invoicing to customers
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and locator
  • Real-time crash detection and reporting
  • Job tracking and customer viewing in real-time
  • Operations and Trip logging
  • Operator time logging
  • Maintenance management
  • Historical operational data for up to 365 days of operation